Thinking Theatre

Paul Fisher has been a performer and educator for over 40 years.

Thinking Theatre® is the name Mr. Fisher uses for his Arts Education consultancies

Recent letter of appreciation from the University of Arizona – CLICK HERE

Mr. Fisher is available for long and short residencies.  From one day to many weeks to many years.

Waiting for the show at The Amerind Museum


Paul, It was a great day for us too — we were so happy we gathered a fairly good audience and we were just thrilled with the kids — their energy, their creativity, the fact that they really seemed to be enjoying themselves as much as we were!!  Barbara Hanson, Amerind Foundation


Over the past 35 years, Mr. Fisher has created many performances in schools in the USA, Russia and the former “Eastern Europe”.  He specializes in:

  • improvised and scripted performances based on classroom curriculum content
  • improvisational comedy
  • school performance of plays such as: “Twelfth Night” and “The Tempest” and “Macbeth by William Shakespeare.  And adaptations of Beauty and the Beast, Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” and many stories and poetry selected by the students and teachers.


Paul Fisher is a ‘class act’.  He created situations that inspired students.  He was a model of an outstanding artist and they emulated his behavior.  It was truly inspiring!  Outstanding artistry and rapport with students.  None better in my experience!  Paul continually directed, corrected, and assessed & encouraged students to achieve their best!  Paul is an artist and a teacher and that came through.  He brought out things in the students that I never imagined.  Paul had the students in the “palm of his hand”.  They worked  hard to please him & he rewarded their efforts constantly!!  Diane G Edeline, 4th. Grade Teacher

Mr. Fisher also writes plays with classes of elementary, middle school and high school students.

Watch the video clip below: for an example of play writing, acting and movie making at the High School level.

These are Apache High School Students who had never had a drama class before:

School Arts Integration projects:

35 years of Arts Integration in the US, Europe and Russia. (Over 800 completed collaborations)

Awards for Arts Education:

The Arizona Daily Star and The Tucson/Pima Arts Council “Lumie” Award 2007for his years of distinguished service in Arts and Education. 

Community Foundation of Southern Arizona, Buffalo Exchange Arts Award 2003: for outstanding contributions to arts in the community through education, organization and advocacy.


Mr. Fisher is an accomplished performer and published author.   He has performed throughout the US, in Europe, Russia and Africa.  (See Lectures and Performances)

Current and recent positions:

thinking theatre (Executive director)

Southeastern Arizona Arts In Academics (Master Teaching Artist)


The Court of Moctezuma awaits Cortez.

Above are performers from Ash Creek School, AZ.  This the culminating, multi-media performance of an Arts Integration collaboration between the classroom teacher, Ms. Marvick, the art teacher, Ms. Score, and Paul Fisher (in the background, operating the media).

Arts for “Border” Children (Master Teaching Artist)

Tucson Pima Arts Council (Arts Education Director)

Raytheon (Creativity Consultant)

Tucson Unified School District (Consultant)

The Learning Curve (Lecturer)

Boot Camp for the Brain (Executive director)

National Endowment for the Arts (Grant Reader & Past Chair, Arts Education Grant Panel)

National Association of Local Arts Agencies (Past Chair, Arts Education Interest Area)


My philosophy for arts integration                                                                                         

Arts Integration has to be a meeting of the minds, hearts and spirits of all involved.

It cannot be any teacher, with any artist and any students at any time. The teacher must embrace the Art and the artist must embrace the curriculum.  Teacher and artist must have an on-going communication pre-, during and post- project.  Essential Skills/State Standards of both core curriculum and art form must be taught.  The artist and the teacher must co-teach.

In performance/presentation the audience should be able to appreciate the art skills and the academic knowledge represented in the products of the students.  And profound results can only be achieved over multiple years.


The following video was recorded at the International School in Moscow, Russia in 2004.  The students ranged from Kindergarten to High School.  This is Part 1 of a 4 part series.

Using drama and movement to teach the curriculum, Part 1


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